A Resource Guide for teachers in the Colgan Creek watershed

This curriculum guide offers some educational activities designed to increase awareness of Colgan Creek. It seeks to answer a few questions. Where is the creek in relation to students’ homes and schools, their travel routes and places they often visit? Why are people working to restore the creek, and what does the restoration involve? What is a healthy creek? What can students, and their families, do to improve the health of Colgan Creek?

The lessons include a variety of materials found on the Internet, and some designed especially for Colgan Creek. Pdf


PowerPoint Slide Shows about Colgan Creek

Colgan Creek Tour – From Headwaters to the Laguna de Santa Rosa. A pictorial tour of the Colgan Creek watershed, showing familiar landmarks and sections of the creek.  Pdf format, PowerPoint format


Colgan Creek Restoration – The story of how and why Colgan Creek is being restored.  Pdf format , PowerPoint format


Restoration Examples – A brief description of restoration methods, with before and after pictures.  Pdf  PowerPoint