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CCG_17_conductrivityColgan Creek is an impaired water body, which means it is polluted.  Learn more about impaired water bodies at the EPA website.

There are different kinds of pollution, including temperature. During the summer, temperatures in Colgan Creek sometimes exceed 80 degrees. As the trees that were planted for the restoration project mature and grow larger, they will shade the water and temperatures should decrease.

This graph shows temperatures recorded in Colgan Creek near Bellevue Avenue, at the downstream end of the Phase 1 restoration reach. The temperature data are for a two and a half year period and were recorded with an in-stream Hobo Tidbit.

Graph of water Temperatures in Colgan Creek, near Bellevue Avenue.


For more information about using Hobo temperature monitors, refer to the Trout Unlimited guidebook, Stream Temperature Monitoring.

Got Data?

To enter data, first download the data input form.  Use this form to organize the data you collect at the stream.  When you are ready to submit the data online, fill in the values for each parameter you tested on this page and click Submit for Review.

Your information will be reviewed and added to the database. You can see the data by going to the  Interactive Map, and clicking the Water Quality Test Data link below the name of your monitoring station.  Or click the monitoring station icon on the map.