Creek Care

Our Watershed Community

Under just the right conditions, a fish hatches or a seedling sprouts— hurray! Nature triumphant!

But Nature doesn’t succeed every time. Instead, she makes many small attempts, waiting for the right conditions. An oak may produce 10,000 acorns, from which only two trees may result. And of 2,500 salmon eggs from a spawning female, only two lucky fish may survive to leave the ocean and migrate back to their home creeks to spawn.

CCG_1_egretWhether acorns become oaks or fry become spawning salmon depends on countless conditions being just right. Nature faces daunting odds, but she never stops trying. We follow Nature’s example as we restore Colgan Creek—possibly the most polluted and channelized creek in Sonoma County. What a great opportunity for us!

Colgan Creek’s biggest challenge is water too warm to support the life cycle of trout, salmon and many other native species. Our creek needs many more trees and shrubs to produce cooling shade, food and cover.


Learning Together


Doug Gore with Coho salmon he caught in the Jenner estuary, 1960

We all know something about creeks, but no one—not even an expert creek scientist—knows it all. So all kinds of people need to work together and share their knowledge. Even if we don’t all meet face to face, we comprise a watershed community whose members learn together. As a member of the Colgan Watershed Community, you might be a student one minute, a teacher the next—always embracing Nature’s motto: “Keep on Trying!”
To help trees, birds, fish and other organisms (including people) to flourish, we make many small attempts to better conditions for them. This includes every job from picking up trash to propagating native plants. If you propagate a plant, you and your seed or seedlings are going to face imperfect conditions. Failures will happen. But following Nature’s example, you keep trying one thing or another—planting more, watering less, staying attentive.
When your small attempts meet just the right conditions—hurray! Colgan

Creek Triumphant! And all because you helped.