Elsie Allen HS SignRedwood Empire of Trout Unlimited will be working with all the schools in the Colgan Creek watershed before, during and after the restoration of Colgan Creek takes place.  Students will visit the restoration site to observe changes and to evaluate water quality. They will raise steelhead in their classrooms, learn about the Colgan Creek watershed and how to care for the creek  The restoration project involves re vegetating a section of the creek with native plants, so students will also learn about these plant and their uses.

A team of professionals are visiting classrooms to share information about Colgan Creek, including historical conditions and the changes that have occurred to the creek and the  watershed in recent times.  Students will learn about water quality, fisheries, native plant propagation and uses and watershed stewardship.  Trout Unlimited and the City of Santa Rosa will:

  • Provide loaner equipment for studying water quality and aquatic insects
  • Provide free classroom materials including watershed maps and Creek Care Guides
  • Assist with raising steelhead in the classrooms
  • Guide supervised field trips to the stream
  • Provide an opportunity for students to help make the environment better our future.

The schools within the Colgan Creek watershed are:

How can parents get involved?

Interested parents can assist by asking their children to share what they are learning about the process of restoring Colgan Creek, and by visiting the project with them. Parents may also help by coming along on the field trips.